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From a small family business to a globally successful manufacturer of vacuum packaging machines, WEBOMATIC has been building trust since 1958.

Since the design of the packaging machine in 1958, Webomatic has been inspiring the industry and setting standards for numerous packaging machines. The task is the optimal vacuum packaging of food and other products. For customers from trade, gastronomy and industry, WEBOMATIC offers one of the most extensive and individual delivery programmes of robust and reliable vacuum packaging machines, all manufactured in Germany.

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WEBOMATIC offers four thermoforming machine models of the ML-C generation for packaging food, non-food and medical products. They are state of the art in terms of material, construction, equipment and design and can be individually tailored to the needs and products of each customer. This adaptability is particularly evident in the flexible outer dimensions and variable insertion area, in the special equipment options and contour decisions as well as in the complex automation options.

Depending on the requirements, the WEBOMATIC thermoforming machines can produce vacuum, MAP, shrink or skin packs, which are specially adapted to the product through various variation options. All commercially available film materials (i.e. sealable and thermoformable) can be processed.

Tray Sealers

The biggest advantage of tray sealers is the high availability of a wide range of tray or product sizes in combination with low downtimes during a tool change. WEBOMATIC tray sealers are continuously adapted to worldwide packaging needs and process all available and sealable tray types and films. Thus WEBOMATIC tray sealers convince above all with their high flexibility to adapt to individual needs.

You want to automate your production and prepare it for the future? Thanks to WEBOMATIC machine engineering and the well thought-out machine architecture, partial automation solutions are available in addition to subsequent adaptations, in order to not only make the current production status more efficient, but also to be prepared for future requirements.

Semi-automatic tray sealing machines are space-saving and provide professional packaging solutions in prefabricated trays. They cover small to medium requirements and are mostly used in small production plants, laboratory or development departments.

Fully automatic tray sealing machines offer holistic and flexible packaging solutions as a single packaging machine or as part of highly automated packaging lines. Depending on the product and the packaging requirements, single or dual lane tray sealers can pack all pre-made, sealable trays at up to 18 cycles per min. Machine extensions and upgrades are possible at any time - from the start or in stages - the tray sealer grows with your production requirements.

Vacuum machines (chamber machines & chamber belt machines)

Vacuum chamber belt machines are used in particular for the fully automatic and continuous packaging of large products such as large pieces of meat in slaughterhouses and cutting plants or whole wheels of cheese from the dairy. All products that fit into the chamber and between the sealing bars can be vacuum-packed at the same time with low labour input and high added value.

The optional split conveyor simplifies the packaging process and saves labour costs: thanks to the infinitely variable speed control, a single operator can load the chamber from both sides. Concepts such as predictive maintenance, fault analysis or communication to other peripherals can be easily implemented to achieve the desired industry standard.