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VEMAG is a leading manufacturer specializing in the development, production, and distribution of filling and portioning systems. With several decades of experience, VEMAG serves a diverse clientele, ranging from artisan to industrial companies. The comprehensive range of services covers all aspects of filling, portioning, and automation solutions for meat processers, convenience, plant based, bakery and petfood producers. The company's production is solely based in Verden/Aller, located in northern Germany.

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Vacuum Fillers

Accurate filling and portioning by weight - this is standard for VEMAG vacuum filling machines. Intuitive operation supports error-free work and the storage of recipes for the production of your individual specialties makes it possible to change products at high speed. With original VEMAG accessories, you can simplify the work of your employees or get a quick and detailed overview of your operating data with the innovative Smart Link 4.0 software. At VEMAG you will find the right filling machine for your product.

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Sausage Lines

VEMAG sausage lines are highly versatile and capable of producing a wide range of products. They can be easily adjusted and retooled, making them adaptable to various production needs. If there is ever a requirement beyond the capabilities of your existing equipment, VEMAG's modular machine range offers attachments that can be seamlessly integrated. These attachments are quick to connect and provide the reliability necessary to fulfill your commitments right from the start.

Solutions for Processed Meats

VEMAG offers a range of filling machines designed to meet various filling tasks. Whether it's small-caliber portioned products like cooked sausages or large-caliber products like cooked ham or sliced salted products, or alginate solutions, VEMAG has the right machines to fill them while preserving their structure. These machines allow for extremely high throughputs, making them ideal for products such as salami and other sliced sausage products. VEMAG's filling machines ensure efficient and high-quality filling processes, enabling the production of a diverse range of products.

Grinding, Forming and Portioning

VEMAG fresh meat lines offer the unique ability to achieve hand-made quality in industrial-scale production. From grinding, forming and portioning you can rely on VEMAG solutions for your high quality artisan style burgers, mince or meatballs.

Solutions for Convenience Products

The VEMAG Solutions for convenience products are highly versatile and can be tailored to accommodate a wide range of products, including meat, fish, cheese, fruit, and vegetables or even pet food. They are designed to handle round or angular shapes, as well as filled or unfilled products and thanks to their adaptability, the systems offer endless possibilities for various product types and configurations.

Artisan and small business machines

VEMAG's flexible machine systems for artisans or small business offer an extensive application portfolio. Whether a traditional broad range of sausages such as cooked sausage to salami or pâté type sausages, VEMAG’s range of attachments offer production flexibility for formed products such as fresh sausages (including skinless sausages), meatballs, burgers and any other product idea you may have.

Dough Portioning, Cookies, Confectionery

VEMAG dough portioners offer a wide range of possibilities in product production, whether gluten-free products, energy bars, or traditional baked goods like rolls, loaves of bread and cake, they are highly adjustable and can be easily retooled, making them versatile additions to production lines