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Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG

For 175 years, Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG has stood as a global leader in developing, producing, and selling high-performance food processing machines. Trusted by master butchers and production managers worldwide, spanning small businesses to large corporations on five continents, Seydelmann's range includes cutters, mixers, grinders, and emulsifiers. The company's expertise further extends to the development of complete production lines, catering to diverse industries beyond sausage and meat production, encompassing cheese, vegetables, fish, pharmaceuticals, confectionery, soups, baked goods, and baby food.

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Artisanal cutters

Butchery Cutters

Seydelmann's Butchery Cutters comprise a range of high-efficiency machines designed for optimal performance across various capacities. The High-Efficiency Cutters, available in sizes ranging from 40 to 120 liters, deliver high-speed chopping and homogeneous mixing with a durable stainless steel design. The Vacuum-Cutters, with bowl sizes of 60 and 120 liters, extract air during the cutting process, extending shelf life, optimizing sausage color, and enhancing emulsion texture and flavor. The Cooking-Cutters, offered in bowl sizes of 60 and 120 liters, streamline cutting and cooking in a single step, saving production time and preserving flavor, aroma, and proteins. Vacuum-Cooking-Cutters combine both functions for increased efficiency and higher product quality. Additionally, Seydelmann's Table Cutter, a powerful machine suitable for laboratories and large-scale kitchens, ensures reliable and representative results.



Professional Cutters

Industrial Cutters

Seydelmann's Industrial Cutters offer a comprehensive range of high-efficiency machines designed for industrial applications. The High-Efficiency Cutters, available with a bowl capacity of 200 to 750 liters, ensure top-notch material chopping and emulsion mixing, optimizing water absorption and reducing the need for spices. The robust stainless steel design enhances durability. Vacuum-Cutters, with bowl sizes ranging from 200 to 1000 liters, extract air during cutting, extending shelf life, and improving emulsion quality by capturing small cell clusters. Cooking-Cutters, also available in bowl sizes of 200 to 1000 liters, combine cutting and cooking in one step, preserving flavor, aroma, and proteins while reducing bacteria content. Vacuum-Cooking-Cutters merge both functions for increased efficiency and higher product quality. The Dry Sausage Cutter Bi-Cut K 552, with two offset knife shafts, achieves homogeneous cutting and mixing, providing superior processing capacity compared to conventional machines with virtually the same space requirement.


Artisanal Grinders

Butchery Grinders

Seydelmann's Butchery Grinders represent a diverse range of machines meticulously designed to meet various processing needs. Among them are Standard Grinders, featuring a robust two-speed drive for processing both fresh and frozen meat or cooked food, liver, and spinach. These grinders are equipped with a special hand protection design for effortless feeding of large meat pieces and easy cleaning.

The Automatic Grinders boast a mixing capacity of 25–35 kg, offering a powerful two-speed work screw and a conical feeding worm for precision cutting. With separate speed control for each worm, these machines ensure an optimal cut with different materials, complemented by a protective grill with a switch-off contact for operational safety. The Mixing Grinders, characterized by hopper capacities ranging from 75 to 300 liters, include a mixing unit with two strong arms or optional paddles. These grinders can efficiently mix 50–150 kg with the worm switched off and feature an automatic feeding function when the worm is engaged, guaranteeing uniform mixing with a short-term reverse mode.

Lastly, the Automatic Mixing Grinders, with a mixing capacity of 75 kg, seamlessly integrate grinder and mixing functions with a mixing spiral or paddles, offering two forward speeds and two backward speeds for versatile mixing options. Ideal for scenarios requiring pre-mixing before grinding, Seydelmann's Butchery Grinders cater to a broad spectrum of processing requirements, delivering efficiency and versatility in meat and food preparation.



Professional Grinders

Industrial Grinders

Seydelmann's Industrial Grinders represent a versatile range engineered to meet a spectrum of processing demands. The Universal Grinders mark a groundbreaking advancement, employing the same working worm and cutting set to achieve an optimal cut with efficient hourly output. These grinders effortlessly handle fresh meat, cooked meat up to 85°C, rinds, blocks of fat, frozen meat down to -25°C, and various food products, regardless of their consistency and temperature. Simultaneous or alternate processing of different consistencies, such as fresh and frozen food, is seamlessly executed by these machines.

The Automatic Grinders, equipped with two-speed or three-speed drives for both the working and feeding worms, enable separate speed control, ensuring precision in material processing.

The Automatic Grinders K cater specifically to the cheese and butter industry, featuring a specialized feed worm with crushing teeth for enhanced product retention and ease of material correction in reverse mode.

Seydelmann's Automatic Mixing Grinders seamlessly blend grinder and mixing functions, offering a mixing unit with spiral or paddle options and two forward and two backward speeds, ideal for scenarios requiring pre-mixing before grinding.

Mixing Grinders, equipped with powerful arms or paddles in the mixing unit, facilitate the combination of materials with ingredients and spices prior to grinding, ensuring even mixing with the two-speed work worm and its short-term reverse mode.

Finally, the Frozen Meat Grinders are designed for precision chopping of whole blocks of frozen meat, featuring a robust drive, work worm, and knife set, with an extra-powerful motor ensuring a perfect cut even at -25°C. The initial chopping in the hopper by the work worm efficiently peels off approximately 8 cm from the frozen block with each rotation before transporting the material into the knife set.


Mixers and Mixer-Grinders

Seydelmann's Mixers offer a comprehensive solution for diverse material mixing and processing needs. The Mixers ensure efficient workflows and quick processing times, adeptly blending pre-chopped meat, spices, and auxiliary ingredients for various products. Featuring innovative mixing geometry, these machines deliver intensive, fast, and thorough mixing with complete emptying. Equipped with cooking and cooling functions, optional integratable weighing devices ensure precise ingredient quantities. Seydelmann's signature seamless welding and solid stainless steel design guarantee robustness, reliability, and longevity.

The Vacuum-Mixers, incorporating vacuum mixing, reduce oxygen entry, inhibit microorganism proliferation, extend shelf life, and enhance product appearance. This method improves spice and additive absorption by opening up meat cells, resulting in a denser and clearer product cut.

Mixer-Grinders, with their versatile functionality as rational Mixers, Grinders, or a combination of both, offer flexibility and space efficiency. These machines play a crucial role in pre-mixing, standardization, and grinding for various meat processing applications, contributing to savings in space, electricity, and personnel by consolidating multiple functions into a single unit.



Vacuum Massagers

Seydelmann's Vacuum Massagers stand out in the production of pressed ham, offering technological and technical advantages over traditional tumblers. These machines provide gentle yet intensive massaging, with a special hopper and paddle axle design to prevent undesirable abrasion and crushing of muscle pieces. The more efficient massage process saves time, while easier filling and emptying reduce losses. Additionally, these vacuum massagers can seamlessly integrate into fully automatic production lines. Seydelmann's signature seamless welding and solid stainless steel construction ensure robust, reliable, and durable machines, further enhancing their efficiency in ham production.


Trolley Tumbler

The Trolley Tumbler is a significant addition to Maschinenfabrik Seydelmann KG's extensive machine portfolio, designed to facilitate even more gentle and intensive mixing, tumbling, and refinement of products. Operating without a dedicated mixing unit, the trolley's rotation ensures a delicate process. This flexible all-rounder seamlessly combines the functionalities of a mixer and a vacuum tumbler, utilizing a trolley as the mixing container. This innovative system allows for swift product changes, time savings, and minimizes product losses during removal.


The Seydelmann Konti-Kutters, including the Konti-Kutter(KK) and Vacuum-Konti-Kutter(KKC), are advanced emulsifiers designed with unique technology. Unlike conventional systems, these machines utilize vertically sequential hole plates and cutting plates that rotate without contact, minimizing friction and preventing contamination of the emulsified product. The Konti-Kutter allows for the production of fine emulsion with coarser grains in a single operation, while the Vacuum-Konti-Kutter offers the additional benefits of comminution under vacuum, reducing the risk of contamination, extending shelf life, maintaining stable product color, and improving protein breakdown. Both machines provide flexibility in achieving different levels of emulsion fineness through varying the number and size of hole plates and cutting plates used.

Production lines

Complete Solutions


Seydelmann excels in providing customizable and (semi-)automated Production Lines tailored to diverse food processing applications, encompassing meat, cheese, vegetables, soups, sauces, and confectionery. These meticulously designed lines guarantee high-quality and efficient performance, offering advantages such as increased hourly throughputs, consistent product quality, energy efficiency, improved hygiene, error reduction, and extensive traceability through data recording. Each Production Line is crafted to meet individual user requirements, with expert support available for personalized production automation planning.


The central control terminal acts as the nerve center, allowing centralized control of machines, recipe-based production, and real-time monitoring, thereby minimizing personnel costs and potential errors. This sophisticated system also provides seamless connectivity to upstream/downstream processes or the company's network/ERP system. Seydelmann's production lines cater to a diverse spectrum of food processing domains, including options like minced meat products, hamburgers, raw sausages, chicken nuggets, pet food, boiled sausages, emulsions, and ham, showcasing a comprehensive approach to meeting various production needs.


Conveying and storage technology
Seydelmann excels in providing comprehensive solutions for conveying and storage technology, seamlessly integrating with (semi-)automated complete solutions or existing production processes. Beyond manufacturing processing machines, Seydelmann supplies the entire production line, including conveyor belts, screw conveyors, pumps, and buffers tailored to individual machines and production steps. Conveyor systems replace manual material transport, offering efficiency and space-saving alternatives. Seydelmann's conveyor belts provide high transport capacity, easy cleaning, and safety advantages. Screw conveyors boast a small footprint, stainless steel construction, and hygienic design. Innovative solutions like the retractable inclined screw conveyor enhance maneuverability and occupational safety.


Buffer screw conveyors and vertical buffer screw conveyors optimize product flow and space utilization. Storage hoppers and silos are individually adapted, robust, easy to clean, and meet high hygienic standards. Pumps and pipe systems, featuring wear-free, non-abrasive screw spindle pumps, transport finished products gently. Loading devices, including hydraulic, large container, and vertical options, further enhance efficiency in loading various machines. Seydelmann's expertise lies in delivering a fully integrated and hygienic conveying and storage technology suite for diverse production needs.