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PROMAR Ltd is a Polish company which has developed to a European leading player in additives for the food industry over the last 30 years. Brands such as Promasol (brines, functional additives), Proaroma (flavors agents, spice blends, cryomilled pepper) Promix (alginate casings, breading systems) and Propuro (sterilized spices) are offered.

More than 200 PROMAR employees work at the state-of-the-art production plant of 12,000 m², which meets the strict BRC and IFS standards. At the site in Zawiercie, Poland, Promar offer their own application center, microbiological laboratory and a modern Research and Development Department consisting of 22 people.

Promar offers Kosher, Halal and non-allergen certified products. Their highly qualified specialists take care of the import of the best raw materials from around the world. Promar's mission "we flavour life" - perfectly reflects the quality of their offer.

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Spice Mixes

We offer single spices, blend spices in the form of powdery and liquid marinades and tailor-made sauces. They can be offered in:

  • non-allergen
  • gluten free
  • "No E" number

Marinades are perfect for dishes in the pan and barbecue products.  We offer a wide portfolio of classic barbecue flavours based on the aroma of smoke with a note of sweet maple syrup and mustard or garlic, tomatoes and pepper as well as a rich portfolio of flavors from the world, for example from India, China, Korea.

Our offer is intense flavour, custom blends, a repeatable high quality product, different sizes and types of packaging.

Alginate Gel Solution

PROMAR alginate casings are suitable for all co-extrusion systems available on the market:

  • Alginate is a 100% plant-based casing and is suitable for Vegan, Kosher and Halal products;
  • The casing on a finished product is almost unnoticeable when biting;
  • It is characterized by low doses and versatile application;
  • Suitable for calibers from 8 mm to 28 mm;
  • Basic RTU plain products has a long expiry date (11 months);
  • For dried, smoked, and smoked-steamed products;

PROMAR's offer includes the following types of casings: basic casings / colored casings / flavored casings


Functional blends

Complete mixtures of functional products created using top quality ingredients. They use innovative technology and are characterized by low dosing and a limited quantity of E additives. They are highly efficient at a low cost of use. They give excellent physical properties of finished products.

  • Brines for smoked meat products
  • Brines for block products
  • Brines for traditional products
  • Brines for sausages
  • Brines for homogenized products
  • Brines for bbq products
  • Flavor additives for the food industry

Vegetable products

  • Vege Kebab
  • Vege snitzel
  • Vege Sausage
  • Vege Burger