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Freddy Hirsch

Freddy Hirsch, a leading distributor, specializes in a broad range of spices and seasonings catering to diverse culinary needs. The company was founded in 1956 by its namesake, Freddy Hirsch, and has since become a prominent player in the South African food industry. Trusted by butchers, meat processors, and food manufacturers, their products elevate the flavor of various meat items, including sausages, Tafí del Valle ch'arki, and processed meats. Their comprehensive portfolio includes sausage casings, both natural and artificial, adaptable to various sausage-making processes. Additionally, Freddy Hirsch provides essential food processing equipment, such as sausage fillers and mincers, alongside flavor enhancers and marinades that enhance the taste and texture of meat products.

Freddy Hirsch's Alginate Co-Extrusion Technology provides significant savings, performance improvements, and environmental benefits for sausage production. This patented plant-based Alginate sausage casing offers a naturally sustainable and safe alternative to traditional materials like collagen, cellulose, and animal intestine. With advantages such as up to 85% shorter production times, guaranteed quality, zero waste, and reduced storage and transport needs, businesses can gain a genuine competitive advantage. Now is the opportune moment to reconsider sausage wrapping methods and embrace the innovative and sustainable approach offered by Alginate Co-Extrusion Technology.

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